FAQ – Frequently asked questions

When and how can I request to rent a container?

At Easy Storage you can rent a container at any time and right away. After sending us your contact information through our reservation form, we’ll send you the link of the online rental agreement via e-mail. Please follow this link to conclude the online contract easily and comfortably. Afterwards we’ll finalise the contract by sending you an individual entrance code and the number of your storage container. This way you can get to your storage place in a fast and non-bureaucratic way.

May I park my car/motorcycle in a container?

Yes, however it is necessary to empty the fuel tank and disconnect the battery in order to fulfill the insurance’s requirements. For “normal” cars a container would be less suitable as a parking spot, but for example vintage cars and motorcycles they fit very well.

May I enter the container area with a truck or tractor?

Yes, however trucks with a total length of more than 10 meters or trucks with trailers are not allowed.

What am I not allowed to store in an Easy Storage container?

Motor-vehicles, explosives, burning, acidic, radioactive or similar materials. Rotting goods, easily enflammable materials, weapons, tnt or other explosive material, toxic trash, poison, hazardous waste of any sort or dangerous materials, or materials that may affect others by emitting gases, as well as smuggled-, stolen goods, living things.

How and when is the monthly rent deducted?

At the beginning of your rental period your credit card/bank account will be charged aliquotely only for the remaining days of the month. Afterwards the monthly rent will always be deducted for the ongoing month at the beginning of each month. You will receive a monthly receipt for your rent via e-mail.

May I also pay cash or via payment form?

We only accept payment via credit card or debit from an European Union bank account.

What are the cancellation policies?

Once you don’t need your storage unit anymore, you’re able to return it by the end of each month. However, you should let us know that you want to cancel your rental agreement until the 15th day of the month; for example you’d have to inform us until the 15th of April in order to cancel your contract by 30th of April.

When do I get my deposit back?

After returning your container, our staff will check it regarding potential damage and cleanliness. After that your deposit will be credited within just a few days back to your bank account. If we conducted the monthly payment through your credit card, we kindly ask you for an Austrian bank account, as we cannot return deposits on to credit cards.

What happens, if the deduction from my bank account/credit card didn’t work?

If, for any reason, there is a problem with the deduction of the monthly rent or the deposit, we will first attempt to get in touch with you. For this effort we charge you 10€ default charge plus VAT, as well as bank charges, that may have occured during the chargeback. This may happen when your bank account is not sufficiently covered or when there’s a typo on the account or credit card number. If, despite all efforts, there’s still no possibility to conduct the rent withdrawal, we would have to lock your access to the container area until a solution is found.

May I switch onto a smaller/larger storage unit?

Yes, generally that is possible, herefore we would ask you to get in touch with us until the 15th day of a month. The switch is always possible at the turn of the month.

Is it possible to rent also free spaces or parking lots on the storage area?

No, unfortunately not.

Can you recommend me a transport service provider for my goods?

So far we’ve had always good experiences with the company “Extraumzug”, Mr. Pajic is reasonably priced and reliable. www.extraumzug.at

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is one calendar month.

Can I also become your customer if I don’t have an e-mail address?

Yes, you can. In this case we would send you the rental contract by post. For sending your monthly receipt by post we charge you 2€ extra (plus tax).

What am I not allowed to store on your premises?

Explosive, flammable, corrosive radioactive, and similar materials. Perishable goods, highly flammable materials, weapons, explosives or other explosive materials, narcotic poisons, toxic waste, hazardous waste of any kind or dangerous materials, or materials that can affect third parties by emissions, as well as contraband, stolen or stolen property, living creatures.

Can I buy drinks on site?

We offer chilled drinks as well as hot drinks in our coffee container. You can find the vending machines in our coffee container to the left of the entrance, across from the Z row.

May I also insure the contents of my storage container?

Yes! You can insure the contents of your storage container against burglary, fire and storm damage. For reasonably priced monthly premiums between € 2,50 and € 10,- (prices exclude VAT), we insure your storage contents up to a value of € 20.000,- with our well known insurance partner. You may choose the most suitable insurance option for your needs on the rental contract.

How do I give proof of my stored goods to the insurance company in case of damage or burglary?

Generally it is recommended to have an exact list of the goods that are stored inside the container, as well as to take pictures.

What are you opening hours?

Our customers have access to the storage area 365 days a year, always between 6.00am and 10.00pm.

How secure is my storage unit?

The EASY STORAGE area is ideally protected by a modern access control system, combined with a simplified closing system. When signing the rental agreement, our customers receive an individual electronic PIN-code, with which they may access the storage area every day between 6.00am and 10.00pm at any time. To grant a maximum of security, there is also a 24-hours-video-surveillance-system in place, as well as alarm systems and security services. Optionally you have the possibility to insure your stored goods against burglary, fire and storm at favorable conditions.

Do you also have equipment to aid loading, like a transport device, which I can borrow to load my container?

At this point EASY STORAGE does not provide any transport devices. Our customers can however directly access their storage container by pulling up in front of it by car, which facilitates an easy up- and unloading directly from the car into the container.

What’s the climate inside the container?

All EASY STORAGE units are dry, ventilated and vision protected. The temperature inside the storage container, however, depends on the weather. We recommend therefore not to store any goods, which are very sensitive to cold or heat.

Does it freeze inside the storage container?

At extreme temperatures this is possible. Consider though, that almost everything, what you store here, gets usually shipped in the same containers over the ocean under any weather conditions and at any time of the year. Also the transport to the shop, from which you have purchased your goods is arranged with a truck, that isn’t heated!

Can my things get wet?

The storage units are completely water proof.

What do I do when I forget the PIN for the electronic entrance gate?

In this case the EASY STORAGE hotline is at any time at your disposal. Through our online-service you can get in touch with us – at any time of the day, fast and uncomplicated.

After verifying your identity we can give you within an instant back your access to the storage area.

How do I lock my Self Storage?

Under this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9dKJx8ED4U) you find a short video, explaining how to easily open and close your storage unit. You may lock the Self Storage unit with a locker, which you will have to bring with you. Here you have to consider that the thickness of the stirrup shall not be more than 10mm. If you don’t possess a lock, you can as well buy one from our wending machine in our service container (at the moment only availabe in our Stadlau-branch). We offer for EUR 12,-. Please note that the wending machine only accepts coins.

Does anyone else have access to my Self Storage?

No. You provide your own lock, with which you can lock your Self Storage.

Is the storage unit illuminated from inside? Is there a connection for power supply?

All our storage units are provided with a practical internal illumination. The costs for that are already included in the rental price. Additionally we offer the possibility to take electricity from a coin counter (only in Leopoldau). You get 10 minutes for 1,00€.

Can I visit a container before renting?

No Problem! When you are there we can open the entrance for you during our office hours. Then we will guide you to a vacant container, which you can visit unhurriedly.

What is the best way to store my items?

Our tips for storage: Please make sure not to overfill the container so that the air inside can circulate better. The side walls should not be completely obstructed: There should be a few centimeters of clearance between the stored goods and the side wall. We also recommend regular ventilation to avoid condensation. To protect your stored items well, we recommend wrapping furniture or other delicate items.